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DPS Academic Programme

Delhi Public School, Raipur is open for both boys and girls from Pre-Nursery to Class XII. The medium of instruction is English and the students, apart from learning Hindi and Sanskrit, are given an option to learn a foreign language such as German/French. The foreign language curriculum helps to develop the use of the language while offering an insight into the culture and history of that country.

Exposure and not just study materials define learning at the Delhi Public School. The school provides a wide exposure with hands-on projects, sports, cultural activities, literary activities, excursions, computers and community service. A very low teacher-student ratio ensures individual care and attention. The learning process supports the natural development of the child, with the teachers serving less as an ‘instructor’ and more as a guide or facilitator. The school has ergonomically designed furniture to support a child’s posture for sitting through 14 years of school life. Independent Locker Facility / Pigeon Hole for each child in the classroom helps the children to lighten the burden of the satchel.

The curriculum provides the essential academic, social and physical skills that the child needs to face challenges in the modern world.

The DPS curriculum concerns itself with the overall development of child. While encouraging positive individual characteristics, it promotes student responsibility, co-operation, creativity and respect for individuality. DPS students not only have high academic standards, but high behavioral standards as well. It is this holistic approach to education that makes DPS stand out as pioneers in making learning an enriching experience.


DPS Raipur is affiliated with the CBSE which is the largest Educational Board in India. Affiliation Number is 3330076

Remedial Classes

Remedial classes incorporate personalized instruction to slow learners in eliminating their area of weakness in a particular subject and thus assisting them to come up to the level of their peers. As soon as the area of weakness is overcome, the child is exempted from the remedial classes.

Exams and Evaluation

The school year is divided into two academic sessions.
First term : April to September
Second term : October to March
The school conducts two formal examinations, one each term, for the secondary level. Primary level is assessed on continuous assessment basis.

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation

At the pre-primary and primary levels CCE patterns of assessment is followed:
Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation as the name implies, is a developmental process of assessment which emphasizes on two fold objectives continuity and evaluation on the one hand and assessment of broad ranges of instructional outcomes on the other. Student’s achievement in the areas of physical development apart from cognitive development and aesthetic development apart from emotional development is recorded. By recognizing, appreciating and evaluating their personal and social qualities, attitudes and interest, the students are motivated to overcome their inhibitions and realize their true potential. Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation provides a holistic picture of the learner and desists from pass-fail system of the terminal exam. The objective is to bring continuous improvement in the performance of a learner and through constant diagnosis of gaps and difficulties in learning and helping the learner in overcoming them through remediation of instructions.

Calendar 2010-11
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